Zeeshan Riaz

Zeeshan Riaz

Zeeshan Riaz is a certified Clinical Therapist and Hypnotherapist from UK’s renowned Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and ‘Trainer of Trainers’ from the British Council. He represents Monroe College, New York as their Regional Director to support Transnational Education and has been working closely with University of Warwick since 2002, focusing on international brand building and student recruitment.

Zeeshan’s counseling expertise combined with his business development skills enables him to provide mentorship and training for students and professionals, and support educational institutions to develop and expand their internationalization potential.

Zeeshan helps 500 individuals annually to equip them with a strong knowledge base, providing advice on A-level subject selection, professional development and research proposal writing.

Consulting takes up a big chunk of Zeeshan’s time. He has worked with several private and government organizations, helping them become more efficient and agile through trainings such as time management, change management and staff well-being. He has been involved in Green-field and Public & Private sector partnerships (PPPs) development projects in Norway, and government bodies including the Privatization Commission of Pakistan, Punjab Judicial Academy and the Lahore High Court.

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