Mr. Zeeshan Riaz

COO & Founder


Zeeshan Riaz is a certified Clinical Therapist and Hypnotherapist from UK’s prestigious Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and British Council trained ‘Trainer of Trainers’ (TOT). He has been associated with student recruitment for the University of Warwick, UK since 2002, and more recently Monash University in Australia, Avalon University of Medicine in the Caribbean, and Nottingham and Nottingham Trent universities in the UK, in his capacity as COO of Solutions to Enhance Professional Skills (StEPS).

Zeeshan has extensive experience in youth development projects, counselling and mentoring students and professionals, advising institutions, and training faculty and staff in their counselling and mentoring needs. He has been instrumental in planning and delivering counsellors’ training workshops, skills development seminars and workshops for students and faculty. He advises students and young professionals on a range of subjects including A-level Subject Combinations, Professional Development Planning, Writing Personal Statements, and Research Proposal Writing. Conducting 500+ individual counselling and mentoring sessions across Pakistan annually has enabled him to gain a strong knowledge base and insight into the needs and concerns of young adults.

He has been a consultant and trainer for the Punjab Judicial Academy and the Lahore High Court for capacity building of judicial and ministerial staff, focussing on enhancement of their time management, stress management and change management skills to enable them to become more effective professionals.

Zeeshan was raised and educated in Norway and has international experience in corporate strategy and development in Europe, working in a range of industries with extensive involvement in Green-Field and Public & Private partnership development projects. His last assignment in Norway was as Business Development Manager, Europe for ABB Installations, before moving to Pakistan in 2001 to work as a business development and recruitment consultant for various start up American call centres and subsequently as a Senior Consultant, Industries and Transport in the Privatisation Commission of Pakistan, from where he resigned in 2008 to focus on his independent consulting and training career.