The Importance of Career Counselling


Choosing a career is something extremely important and a difficult tast nowadays. When you are in school, you have different goals. When in college, your priorities get changed. When college is finished, you get stuck between your own choices & family’s pressure & their dreams.
Career is a much larger and significant part of our lives now. With so many opportunities, courses, universities and similar platforms, it is highly difficult for a student to derive the most suitable ones.
When I finished my college, I had no one to guide me. Some people would say choose MBBS, some would ask me to take Arts, some would say go for LLB. In the end, I chose something something which was never my cup of tea, “Psychology.”
In that way, my whole life took a U-turn because I could not do well. I just felt this field is not for me. Then I took blogging, writing & social media management seriously and started working in these fields. Working in these fields made me realise, mass communication & media science would be perfect for me.
I wish I had a platform like STEPS in my life back then.
STEPS helps to achieve effective and successful career choices. At STEPS, career counsellors make it easy to pick the right career direction by examining the personality & skills set of an individual.
Pakistan is one of the most difficult country for youth because of less job opportunities and consufed youth. Our youth is confused when it comes to career, advanced studies & life decisions in general. It is crucial for students/youth to make an informed decision regarding their career. In such cases STEPS career counsellors are playing the major role to provide this opportunity in FREE. Career counselling is not very popular thing in Pakistan but STEPS is making sure to break stereotypes and bring new changes in Pakistan for our youth. Career counsellors at STEPs offer their expertise to enlighten a right career route to an individual.
When schools & colleges lack in providing proper guidance, STEPS is always there to guide youth through the right & wrong. Career counsellors at STEPs help the students to understand current market scenario and job opportunities.
When you’re in doubt regarding what field to choose, take help from career counsellors at STEPs. Keeping in mind that students have no source of income as such, they don’t charge anything for career counselling. You get FREE counselling from STEPS! Like a Google map in our phones guide us towards the right path, career counsellors also guide you towards your right destination.
Currently my brother is just done with 12th and looking for different options, I’ll make sure he gets a help from STEPS for career counselling.

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