Student Voices: A High-Schooler’s Perspective Irregular But Perfect Places To Study


If you’re a student who is exceptionally tired of studying in the most typical of places, also known as the ‘table-and-chair’, then you’re probably here to get some ideas for new places to study. Well, if so, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We’ve considered and put together a few great places to study that doesn’t involve you sitting in front of your desk. These ideas take out some traditional places, but prove just as (or even more!) effective than the usuals. Let’s get started!

Let’s face it, stiffly sitting in your chair and looking at notebooks and books all day isn’t very stimulating, is it? Many people find that their brains require or depend on stimulation to retain information in their head, and this irregular but perfect place to study is just for them. By creating such a place of energy and empowerment, the gym or any place for workouts make such a great contender for the exceptional places to study. You could do this in the form of lifting weights while having the notebook in front of you, or running on the treadmill while using flashcards for quick memorization. This one’s a great place for the energetic learners who need action for academics, so if you’re one of those people, we suggest trying this out later today. The great thing about this one is that it’s not only limited to the gym. Like we said, any workout place will do, even for the tiniest bit of exercise. For example, running outside while listening to podcasts on the topics you’re learning is a great alternative to finding a gym far away from you. However, there is a downside to this. Only 33% of the world’s population can handle these super active activities while studying, so let’s move on to something that requires less moving.

By putting yourself in the car, you already don’t need to do a lot of moving. Whether you want to drive somewhere you’re familiar with and just park or you want to just sit in the car with your materials outside of your house, anything’s great! You can do just about anything in the car: hungry? Drive through the nearest fast-food (or bring snacks with you). Tired? Lay back your seat and sleep. Understimulated? Turn on the car and go somewhere. But the great thing about this one is, it’s a very compact place to be in. If you’re just the type of person to leave your things everywhere, this one could be the place for you. Whatever you lose, you’re ensured that it’s just in your car and you can find it afterwards. Another upside is, you don’t even have to light the ignition! You can just sit there, windows down, with all your notebooks and markers around you. Go try it now!

This next one is something you’ve probably seen coming. Yes, this isn’t irregular, but it’s amazing and efficient nonetheless. Going to a bookstore or a library is a feeling that can’t be replaced, possibly because you’re surrounded by the magical auras of books. Many of these bookstores/libraries have places to sit, read, and — get this — study. These also provide a quieter alternative to wherever you may be right now, but that’s something relative to everyone. Many of these bookstores/libraries also have coffee shops next to them, matching the grooves and pace of your studies.

This may have been a short list, but we hope to have given you some insight on other places to study. At a time like this, we have to try to be as un-bored as possible. And because studying is one of those activities that likely end up boring, we focused on places that won’t let you be as bored as you get when studying at home. Until next blog! —

Jon Zaccary C. Regala, Grade 10 of Far Eastern Private School

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