Student Voices: A High-Schooler’s Perspective Finding A New Hobby


Let’s face it: the end of quarantine and the pandemic is in sight, but no one knows exactly when it’s going to be over. Chances are, if you still haven’t found anything to do in your lot of free time, you’re bored out of your mind. And we understand of first-hand experience that as a teenager, staring at your phone and devices is fun, but not really productive. So we’ve provided a few tips to find your next hobby, and a few samples you might want to try.

One thing to do is — since you’re already looking at your gadgets, to look up hobbies online. You will find hundreds of millions of things to do to pass the time, and if you’re lucky, one might just fit your needs and wants perfectly. Go ahead, try it right now; look up ‘sample hobbies’ or ‘hobbies to try.’ We assure you, it’s going to do so much work for you. Not only does the Internet provide samples, but they also provide many detailed descriptions of what and/or how to do a certain activity. You won’t have to spend time thinking and gathering information, when it’s literally just a click of the button. This means it isn’t time-consuming, so you can try it at any time of the day!

Another thing, once you’ve had your preferable set of stuff to try, is to try them out already. Set yourself into action, no matter how passive or active this specific hobby’s going to be. Searching them up was easy, but trying them out will give you a firsthand visualization of how the activity feels like, and so it’s efficient. Trying this tip with the previous tip will surely raise your chances of finding a new pastime.

Don’t want to stop reading to find out hobbies to try out? Well, you’re already here, anyway, so we’ve provided a couple of activities that you can try anywhere, with the right materials.

(1) Writing — writing is a fun way to express yourself and pass the time, which benefits two things at once for you already. May it be in the form of poem writing, storywriting, vignette writing, songwriting, or any other kind of writing you’d like to do, go try it! You can also do it in the form of long paragraphs and jumbles, or just simple phrases or chapters. In the world of writing, anything goes.

(2) Thrift Cooking/Baking — if you’re curious about recipes and foods that you can try with a snap of your finger, this one could be the hobby for you. Many dishes have variants that only require two to three ingredients, which is excellent, right? It doesn’t have to be a whole meal for the family, maybe even just a little treat for yourself as a snack. We ask of you to try it if you have a passion for food but don’t want to end up wasting ingredients. Many channels and websites provide small recipes like these, so go check them out right now!

(3) Singing/Dancing — you don’t even have to be good at this one to try it. Anything you do, as long as you enjoy it, makes for a fun hobby, and this one certainly fits my description. Finding and singing or dancing along to videos on Youtube is a great way to start off, and we assure you that your skills will greatly enhance with time.

(4) Low-maintenance Photography — it’s only a myth that you have to own a great camera in order to take great pictures. Your smartphone is just as good. The best thing about it is, if you’re not happy with a certain picture, you can always edit it with the hundreds of editing sites and applications worldwide. Take pictures of yourself, your family, your food, your friends, your room, your progress, your anything! Go try it out right now!

(5) Sports/Exercise — trying out a new sport could help you find your lifelong hobby. Workouts, like mine, are already good things to start with. Sports and exercise could even play a big role in your education and your career. Just going outside and taking a run is a good way to start off already.

There’s no harm in trying any of these samples, and there you have it! A few hobbies to try right now. —

Jon Zaccary C. Regala, Grade 10 of Far Eastern Private School

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