Student Voices: A High-Schooler’s Perspective App Recommendation: Pinterest


You may not know it yet, but if you’re reading this and you’re a student, this worldwide and intriguing application is going to be the next big thing to have on your smartphones. Because of its interactive interface and informative content, there won’t be anywhere else to get your inspiration and graphics rather than Pinterest. And in this blog article, I’ll be telling you why.

What it is: As a student, you must be looking for inspiration, ideas, motivation, and/or energy when it comes to studying. I can assure you right now that it’s not even strictly for studying, but rather for your other productive and proactive activities that you like to do in your free time. Pinterest is just the app for you, and almost everyone else around you. Pinterest is a graphic-sharing website that sometimes links to different sites (such as the well-known Tiktok or the productive Canva) and contains pictures, videos, and GIFs to provide information and entertainment to its users, whose active numbers have reached to 345 million as of November 2020. People of all ages use the site, but the most common range goes to the 18-24-year-olds, who create a whopping 38% on the scale of users. The minimum required age rating for users is 13-year-olds to provide a safe, secure, and responsible community and considered usage, but parental controls are accesible. All media that is provided (which are strictly images, videos, and GIFs) are strictly monitored by the managers and developers of the site, ensuring that you or anyone else will not be faced with disturbing or out-of-topic images. The use of artificial intelligence when it comes to the provisions and suggestive media is another thing to consider, ensuring that whatever pops up in your timely feed will be worth your time to see.

Why you should install it: Like aforementioned, if you’re missing out on brain qualities such as motivation and ideas, Pinterest is where you should head to as soon as possible. Examples of things that you can do with Pinterest include but, of course, are not limited to: mood boards (which could help you express your emotions more clearly), design ideas (which you could take inspiration from when creating graphics for your school), life hacks (which could help your life generally or specifically, depending on what you need help with), and many more! I, as a student, find it incredibly useful as it’s a more productive alternative to other social media. It also makes use of interactivity between users, such as the followers-and-following that many other apps use, the likes and commenting that create happier and more intuitivity, the posting of original media that you could share with the Pinterest community, and others. It’s free on any downloading platform, but if you don’t have enough space or just don’t want to, you can always just use the website version, which is basically the same. I’ve noticed that, since installing it seven or eight months ago, I’ve been able to be more productive with my academic and personal works, specifically when writing or creating different things. I hand most of the credit to Pinterest, which fills me with ideas that I modify and share with my friends so they can do the same.

Is it safe: Would I be recommending an application if it wasn’t safe? To answer your question, it is definitely safe, and safer than the other social media because you don’t really post your pictures here. The community’s here for the ideas and the productivity; if you wanted to share your personal pictures you can head over to Instagram or whatever. It’s extremely safe, but it’s always important to be careful. As I said earlier, you can link other sites externally (a feature to help engage people in reading their articles, watch their videos, or paint their own pictures) but so far, I have never encountered anything dangerous or unsafe.

There. I’ve given you a full basic overview of what Pinterest is, why you should download it, and why it is safe. You can go do so right now, so go do so right now! There’s a high chance that I’ll be doing this “App Recommendation” for many other apps, but I really wanted to start with this in order to share the incredibility of my productivity on this app. Until next blog now! —

Jon Zaccary C. Regala, Grade 10

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