Institutional Support

Workshops & Seminars: Our information sessions at various academic institutions help raise awareness about academic and career planning.

Would you like STEPS Edu to arrange a session at your institution? We cover a range of topics and would be happy to design a workshop for your students or teachers/counsellors. Contact us

Some of the topics include:

  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate Application Process
  • Writing Personal Statements
  • Effective CV and Cover Letter Writing
  • Research Proposal Guidelines
  • Global Job Market Trends
  • Reference Writing
  • Interview Skills
  • Creating an Effective Digital Footprint
  • Study Skills

Counsellor’s Training: Students rely heavily on their school and college counselors for key advice about overseas admissions, university requirements and subject combinations. Therefore we provide customized trainings to career counselors across Pakistan offering a platform to also share best practices and network with peers.

Institutional Visits: Our strong partnerships with various schools and universities in Pakistan allows us to hold regular workshops, seminars and individual counseling sessions for students in order to guide them towards the right educational programme.

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