How can I apply for my visa?

We, at StEPS guide students on how to fill out the UK visa application and what documentation needs to be in place before they apply for their visa. In order to serve the purpose, we conduct visa and predeparture seminars every year for our offer holders and applicants. Feel free to email us your visa related query on

You may also view our recent UK Visa Presentation on

Is there any application assessment fee?

The application assessment fee varies for different Universities. Depending on what support you need from STEPSEdu, our services are free* with or without a small refundable deposit or could incur a reasonable consultation fee after a free assessment based on the nature of support required. Please fill register for a free consultation and a member of our team will be in touch to guide you

The Personal Statement service can be booked here

Is Personal Statement mandatory for application?

For most universities, the personal statement is the most critical element in the application. Universities analyze your personal statement for content, structure and depth, and it is often regarded the most pivotal part of your application. Given its importance, StEPS provides a specialist service developed specifically to optimize the structure and content of your personal statement. The Personal Statement service can be booked on

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