Guidance Counselling:

The highly experienced and efficient StEPS team provides counselling to help students according to their career plans and academic interests. Students and parents are provided with the necessary information and students are assisted in their applications to our various partner universities. We also give one on one individual counselling sessions to further address student queries.

Workshops/ Seminars

We also conduct sessions at various academic institutions and exhibitions on a range of topics to raise awareness about academic and career planning.

  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate Application Process.
  • Writing Personal Statements.
  • Effective CV Writing.
  • Research Proposal Guidelines.
  • Global Job Market Trends.

Institutional Visits

We have a close association with various renowned schools and universities all over Pakistan. In addition to regular visits for workshops, information seminars and individual counselling sessions for students, we actively participate in several school/college/university fairs, guiding students on various popular courses abroad.

Career Guidance

We often meet students who walk a blind alley – completely oblivious to their goals in life. We provide them individual Counselling based on their interests and needs to help them in setting their career objectives.

Visa Seminars

We strive for students’ better future; we just don’t leave them after the admission process but also provide visa related important information as per our represented universities’ guidelines. Every year, we invite our prospective students and alumni for a very interactive Visa Seminar where we discuss Visa Type, TB test requirement, CAS issuance, appropriate dates for Visa application, etc.

Pre-Departure Seminars

This is a brilliant opportunity for prospective students to get guidance about daily life ranging from banks, phone sims, local food, prayer facilities etc from recent to current students.
This is our last session of the year and we then begin a new cycle guiding new students for the next year.

Liaison between Represented Universities and Applicants

We have very supportive colleagues at the universities we represent and this teamwork makes it easy for us to connect applicants and offer holders with the relevant staff members for easy communication and guidance.

Following up on Applications

Our team is very vigilant in terms of following up with students and their application statuses. We devote much of our time in ensuring all students, parents and referee queries are handled professionally and diligently. Frequent calls are made alongside follow-up emails to maintain the connection. We value every student!

Document Attestation

At StEPS we not only guide students but also provide them with various other services like document attestation, document uploading and filling their online applications,etc thus expediting the application process. Candidates can request us to verify their original documents to share with the universities, to avoid having to courier originals to the admissions team.

Counsellor's Training

Students rely heavily on their school and college counselors for key advice about overseas admissions, university requirements and subject combinations. Therefore we provide bespoke training to career counselors across Pakistan through a platform where they can also share best practices and network with peers.